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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  December 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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island basically in the middle of the street and all fenced in so certainly some unique factors that we haven't seen in "occupy" encampments in the past. this is near mandela parkway here in west oakland. there are more than a dozen tents behind that fence. they moved their tents in yesterday and encouraged others to join in via twitter and their website, occupy california. oakland had been "occupy" camp- free for more than a month after police cleared out another camp here in west oakland in november. and what you're looking at here is the demise of the first and largest -- right here, first and largest "occupy" oakland encampment at frank ogawa plaza in front of city hall raided on november 14. the group also occupied snow park near lake merritt for a few days but, of course, they were kicked out there was, as well. now, the whole "occupy" movement to remind you start as a protest over unemployment and corporate greed and government policies that allowed those things to go on.
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and it has certainly grown to encompass other social issues. we'll see how long it takes police to kick these people out of here. we're not sure who owns that land in that island. but we'll certainly be finding more out about that throughout the day. >> has there been any word from city officials? is there a police presence there at all or is it just the "occupy" campers? >> reporter: just the "occupy" campers. the newspaper broke the story the "oakland tribune" broke this story last night that they had moved in here and i saw a lot of scuttlebutt on twitter about it. but no police response yet at all. >> scuttlebutt. good news term. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you know what i mean. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> giving you a hard time. very good. anne makovec live for us over in oakland. >> know exactly what she means. >> of course. governor brown is trying to line up support for his ideas for higher taxes. he plans to ask voters for $7 billion in new taxes and part of that would be through a temporary half cent sales tax
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hike. he also wants to raise income taxes on those making a quarter million dollars a year. the lecture would have to approve putting the proposal on the ballot. cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman says that recent cuts would help the governor get his plan passed. >> i think in california after 10 or 11 months after looking at the possibility of not having the revenues he needs to provide basic services, california residents are also willing to look the attacks, asking people to may more money to pay more money, as well. >> without tax increases, the governor says the state will face even more drastic cuts. >> a lawsuit by rick perry's presidential campaign is challenging ballot rules in the state of virginia after perry's campaign failed to turn in the 10,000 valid signatures to qualify for the state's republican primary ballot. only mitt romney and ron paul qualified in virginia. meanwhile most of the gop hopefuls of course are busy campaigning in iowa where republican voters will caucus 6 days from today.
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north koreans lining the street of pyongyang by tens of thousands today as kim jong- il's hearse went to its funeral. kim jong-un walked alongside his father's hearse. some say it could be a turning point for north korea and its relationship with the rest of the world. >> it may very well be a moment of opportunity for north korea. on the other hand, they're nuclear power and they have tested this. >> a national memorial service will be held tomorrow. air quality here in the bay area is as bad now as it was following the big wildfires in 2008 according to the air quality management district, which blames the pollution in part on people who burned wood fires illegally on the 24th and 25th during christmas. authorities are sorting through dozens of cases of potential violations. repeat offenders could get fines of $400. it was cold during the christmas. it was a big draw for people to
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want to burn the fires. >> that's right. >> "spare the air." >> nothing says christmas like a nice fire, too. so it's hard not to do that. weather-wise today, you know, a little warmer, i guess. ma makesthat makes you laugh. i have to walk three blocks to my car in the morning. >> kind of legit. take your word for it. here's your satellite and radar. you can see where it's kind of busy this morning. we have that big swatch of green you see there now rain is moving but just to the mainly northern parts of california through eureka, redding. looks like our area the bay area pretty much just getting a whole lot of clouds today and that's going to stick around all afternoon. so yeah, partly to mostly cloudy skies expected. we are not going to see as much sunshine today as we saw yesterday. but our temperatures are going to bump up a couple of degrees. yesterday we were mostly seeing 50s. today a lot of low 60s out there. 61 in vallejo.
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61 is your expected high in oakland. and 60 degrees in san francisco. so for the most part these rain showers once again staying north of the bay area moving across the pacific northwest just bringing us some clouds, same story again thursday. so we're pretty much seeing a similar weather pattern throughout the week except for friday where we're still leaving that slight chance of showers in there light rain showers should be mainly in the north bay north of the golden gate. otherwise, for your weekend, for new year's eve weekend if you have any outdoor plans everything should be dry across the bay area coast, bay and inland. and we continue to be partly cloudy on monday and tuesday. that is your weather. for your traffic, here's gianna. >> thank you, elizabeth. pretty quiet as far as accidents go. we are going live right now and check conditions on 880. we have early-morning roadwork that's also been cleared out of lanes and you can see traffic moving along pretty nicely in both directions. we have some trouble spots along surface streets. san leandro, williams at leonard. that intersection may be blocked for a water main break near john muir junior high
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school. a.c. transit may be affected but school isn't in session so hopefully not too much traffic expected through that portion of the roadway. san mateo bridge looking very good. we'll check the south bay right now over to you guys. authorities investigate a small plane crash in the east bay that left two people injured. >> and the ecofriendly tradition that's transforming christmas trees into a fuel source right here in the bay area. >> plus, a big boost for a san jose cop who is helping a family rebuild after a fire destroyed their homes. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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good morning. heading through san leandro you might find some slight delays at the intersection of williams an leonard due to a water main break in the area not too far from john muir junior high school. no word of problems for traffic
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there. back to you. >> thank you. two people are recovering this morning after a small plane crashed in concord. emergency crews pulled a pilot and a passenger out of the single-engine plane that had taken off from buchanan field yesterday afternoon. one person was described as having minor injuries. the other as having major injuries. the faa says the pilot declared an emergency immediately after he took off then tried to make it back to the airport before that plane went down. southwest plane heading to seattle had to aboard take-off last night at 6:15 at the sacramento international airport after two tires blew out. southwest says firefighters were called in to hose down the 737 just as a precaution. 130 people were on board, nobody injured. a generous donation from a san jose police officer will help a family rebuild their home after a fire destroyed it. a fireplace sparked and set a
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christmas tree on fire destroying the o'neill family hope just before christmas. officer camarillo stayed with the family for four or five hours as fire crews battled the blaze on kauai drive. since then he has been raising money for the family and so far they have raised $2,500. >> it literally snowballed, you know, during the holiday season where friends of mine told their friends and, you know, so forth and what i was really amazed by is the kindness of strangers to help this family out. >> other folks are chipping in, too. an anonymous couple raised another $2,500 for the o'neills. it is the sound of a holiday tradition. a tree chipper. >> nothing says christmas like a tree trimmer. >> but starting next week curbside tree collection begins in a lot of bay area cities. in san francisco, christmas trees will be splintered into chips for biofuel and then
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truckeda facility in tracy. >> buyer fuel plants actually generate energy, electricity and typically by burning a biofuel to turn a steam generator to make electricity. >> this is san francisco's 25th year chipping trees. each season produced more and more chips around 500 tons on average. 5:11 now. still to come, southern california police tracking down a gadget thief thanks to a helpful app. we'll tell you about that. >> first, all clear for east bay streets after a water main break left behind a soggy mess. a lot of folks may want to hit the slopes, hit the sierra for this week between christmas and new year's. here's your current conditions outside. unfortunately, it's not ideal in heavenly no new snow, snow base 18 to 24 inches but they are making the manmade stuff. they have the machine groomed snow over at northstar. no new snow right now with a base of 18 to 26." we could see a slight chance of rain-snow mix sometime before
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the weekend. unfortunately, it's not going to make a dent in the numbers including over at squaw valley, no new snow with a snow base of 12." coming up, the full look at your seven-day forecast.
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speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. back now at 5:14. let's look at some of the morning's top stories on this wednesday. there is a new "occupy" encampment in west oakland this morning. they are back protestors have
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set up tents on a vacant lot on peralta street there. we have a live report coming up. and governor brown is trying to line up support for his plans to increase taxes to deal with budget shortfalls. he wants the legislature to put the proposal on the ballot next november. and a funeral was held in north korea for kim jong-il who died last week. a national memorial service is planned for tomorrow. streets affected by a water main break in downtown walnut creek are now back open. east bay m.u.d. crews worked last night to repair a 6" water main valve that broke earlier in the day. they were conducting routine maintenance when the pipe broke near the corner of south main street and olympic boulevard. shoppers did their best to avoid the problem. >> we went to a different parking lot. >> during the day some businesses were without water and others experienced water damage. the break was capped around
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7:30 last night. and a design flaw is being blamed for a binge water main break in south san francisco. you might remember this was the day after thanksgiving. investigators say that the pipeline was missing a restraint on the coupling that holds two pieces of pipe together. it called a million gallons to spill and flood more than a dozen homes. >> there is no excuse. it was human error that caused it. and that's why we're putting in place mechanisms to make sure it doesn't happen in the future with additional reviews to make sure that it doesn't happen. but it's as simple as that. >> the puc identified six more flawed couples in plans for projects that haven't been built yet. the design is being changed. it's a lot warmer today, elizabeth. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> a three-block walk in the morning, he knows the weather.
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low clouds keeping us mild. mostly to partly cloudy skies. temperatures holding steady in the 40s. by this afternoon, yeah, not as much sunshine today. most cloudy cloudy skies, milder temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. so this high pressure we have been seeing moving farther south a low moving in going to bring us some low clouds across the bay area today but the rain we were forecasting earlier in the week that should all stay north of the bay area. looks like our southernmost point we'll see rain showers, probably ukiah, also some rain expected in eureka, redding. partly to mostly cloudy skies in yosemite, sacramento and in fresno with high of 57. across the bay area, like yesterday, we saw kind of okay temperatures. yesterday temperatures were mostly in the upper 50s. today numbers a couple of degrees mostly in the 60s today. these temperatures are actually slightly above average for this time of year. 60 is your high in fairfield so
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once again we're remaining dry and hitting repeat for the next couple of days. we are leaving the chance of rain showers in here for friday though. a slight chance of some light rain and this is mostly going to be for the of the golden gate. now, saturday, sunday, your weekend, your new year's eve weekend so far looking dry. mild temperatures, 62, 63 the forecasted highs inland. otherwise in the upper 50s. happy new year, partly cloudy skies 30s to 50. here's gianna with traffic. >> let's head straight to san leandro. we are dealing with a wet mess due to a water main break at williams and leonard. gil diaz our reporter just arrived on scene and said water is three feet high. it's still spewing out of the ground. causing a mess. it may be affecting a.c. transit, as well. he will have a live report within the next 15 minutes but right now avoid that intersection if you can. not too far from 880.
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880 itself not too bad. accident southbound 17 at 280/880 reports of a trouble spot two cars in the accident. right lane may be block. we are seeing green on the sensors so traffic actually moving not too badly through there. and live look at 280 through downtown san jose. so far, so good through this portion. we have a photographer standing by along 101 at mckee and you can see here, in our live shots, that traffic still looks good through here. not too bad through san jose through that portion and jumping over to our 880/237 camera through milpitas, traffic looks good in both directions through there. and here's a live look at 80 not too far from 80 in san leandro we have a water main break. more details coming up. this portion of 880 looks good in both directions and the bay bridge metering lights are off no delays at the toll plaza. later on though some roadwork on the lower deck until 2:00 this afternoon. that's traffic. over to you guys. >> thank you. 5:19. next a new list out making a difference in the world, the famous faces giving the most. we have it.
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>> tracking down an ipad thief. the app to help the family recover gadgets and stolen presents. how they did it, coming up next.
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computer was ripp a burglar made a crucial mistake in southern california and stole an ipad. the tablet computer was ripped
5:23 am
off on sunday along with several christmas gifts from the home in westlake village. but that high-tech gizmo has a find my ipad application. and it allowed los angeles county sheriff's deputies to track it down to a home in san diego county. the stolen gifts were also found along with presents from another family's home. >> they were elated. very happy. they stated they're thrilled. >> be careful what you steal. the police have arrested one suspect so far. one of our p.a.s actually was at a theater and his girlfriend dropped her iphone. some high school people found the phone and, of course, he started sending text messages, hey, fun find the phone we want our phone back. they wanted a ransom for the phone so he tracked the phone with the find my iphone app and went to the police. they got the phone back. >> it's amazing. watch it right on the google maps and follow them all the way. so be careful. sued in federal court in northern california, a suit is expected to set precedent
5:24 am
concerning ownership of social media accounts. phone doc is suing noah kravitz who used to tweet for them. he was allowed to keep his twitter account when he left the company. now they want him to pay hundreds. thousands of dollars for the account. this is getting a the love play. a twitter message from political satirist bill maher. he is known about his negativity about religion. his message about tim tebow. after the broncos lost maher sent the following message saying wow, jesus just blanked tim tebow. well, that prompted fox business host eric bowling to call maher disgusting, vile trash. some conservatives are calling for a boycott of hbo which carries maher's tv series "realtime." >> it's not the first time he's done that. >> that's what i was going to
5:25 am
say. everyone is a target for bill maher. >> he did lose the game. but that's just wrong. >> let's talk about celebrities. a little happier note. justin bieber, george clooney and lady gaga have snagged the top spots on the list of celebrity do gooders. >> according to's annual celeb gone good list. the longest list ever. the lady gaga's campaign for anti-bullying legislation, her soon-to-be launched born this way foundation and other charitable endeavors launched her to the top of the list. justin bieber claims second place after the pop star launched the believe charity drive which supports several charities for kids. >> rounding out the top three, george clooney, one of my favorites. the movie star used his star power to fight for human rights in sudan. he has been very vocal about it. it's interesting to see that angelina jolie who usually gets a lot of play isn't on the list. >> they just did a big thing on "60 minutes" about her. she does so much behind the scenes. >> amazing. >> if you think about it, when
5:26 am
are we going to see justin bieber, lady gaga and george clooney on the same list? probably never. >> it's the longest list ever. what did i say again? that's according to the's annual celebrities gone good list. it rolls off the tongue. >> we'll put it in a little tattoo for you. 5:26 now. the cost of your commute could soon change while some of us will be saving a lot of money, others going to be losing some bucks. >> plus if your burglar alarm goes off, don't count on police to respond. how a change in one bay area city could affect your safety. >> the new "occupy" oakland encampment has broken ground. i just walked inside. we'll bring back the pictures coming up next. ♪
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funeral, for kim jong il. tens of thousands shiver in the snow to say good-bye to north korea dictator. the funeral today for kim jong- il. >> our satellite and radar picture is going green this morning. unfortunately, none of that rain is actually going to be
5:30 am
hitting the ground in the bay area. the seven-day forecast coming up. an accident in the south bay. where it is, i'll tell you in a few minutes. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, much day, december 28 -- hump day, december 28. most people are off. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. it's 5:30. it's been a while since we have seen tents in the "occupy" movement but it's revived once again in oakland. anne makovec joins us from a new camp. >> reporter: cypress triangle here in west oakland on peralta street. basically it's an island right there in the middle of the street fully fenced in. there are about a dozen tents though behind that fence. i just went in there and checked it out. everybody was sleeping. i did speak with one man who describes himself as a medic and he thinks that this is just the beginning of the camp, that
5:31 am
it will be growing over time. they moved their tents in yesterday and they have been encouraging others to join in via their website, occupy california. oakland of course had been "occupy" camp-free for more than a month after police cleared out another camp here in west oakland in november. and what you're looking at here is the demise of the first and largest "occupy oakland" encampment at frank ogawa plaza in front of city hall. that was raided on november 14. a group also occupied snow park near lake merritt for a few days. but they were kicked out of there, as well. so again, the people in there are planning to dig in for the long haul. they say they have not been hassled at all by police officers. they also don't know who owns that land and neither do we at this point. i asked what if that person doesn't want you on their land? they said they don't care, they plan on staying there. and they also are trying to give out a lot of services for homeless people. they are planning to feed
5:32 am
anybody who comes in. >> i know it's a long shot but irv covering this for months. is there anyone familiar to you that you saw in this camp? >> no. but they said that everybody there was with "occupy oakland" the original "occupy oakland" encampment. they also said that the people there are the, quote, diehards that they're not homeless people. that they're people who are very much entrenched within the "occupy" movement. this is all according to this medic that i spoke with. we'll hear from him coming up in the next half hour. >> very good. as soon as he wakes up. anne makovec live over in oakland, thanks. meanwhile governor brown says oakland officials should keep their port open if protestors try to shut it down again. they have stopped activity at the port twice in the last couple of months. governor brown says he would give oakland mayor jean quan whatever help is needed to keep that port open for business. quan says it's a question of how much to spend on such an effort. governor brown says that he
5:33 am
is working to get business and labor leaders behind his tax hike plan. he wants to ask voters for $7 billion in new taxes. part of that would be through a temporary half cent sales tax hike. he also wants to raise income taxes on those who make a quarter million dollars a year or more. the legislature would still have to approve the plans to put it on the ballot. cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman says recent cuts could actually help the governor get his plan passed. >> i think in california after ten or eleven months after looking at the possibility of not having the revenues he needs to provide basic services, california residents are also willing to look at tax asking people to make more money to may more in taxes, as well. >> the governor says without increases, the state will face more drastic cuts. transit commuters will be able to deduct a lot less from their taxes next year. as part of the federal stimulus passed in 2009, commuters have been able to deduct up to $230
5:34 am
a month from their taxable income. but that is about to be slashed to $125 a month. transit advocates say commuters could lose up to $500 a year. time now 5:34. i'm not a weatherman nor meteorologist but it was warmer this morning. >> it's the same thing, sunny and -- >> in the afternoon. >> kind of cloudy. >> cold, foggy in the morning. today it's going to be slightly different. [ laughter ] >> we're kind of mixing things up a little bit a smidge. temperatures slightly more mild this morning if you are waking up and heading out the door. right now temperatures mostly in the 30s and 40s but we got to below freezing some mornings over the weekend and last week so yeah, we are slightly milder because the clouds are moving in. so we have the system of low pressure coming our way. now, it's bringing rain showers to parts of the pacific northwest. mainly north of the bay area. so we're talking washington state, oregon, extreme northern california, eureka, ukaih. what it's bringing to us here in the bay area is a lot of low
5:35 am
and high clouds. we're in between systems now. you see san francisco seeing some clearing but it is going to be pretty cloudy the next system moving in. so we are seeing clouds this afternoon, overcast skies not as much sunshine today. more 60s out there. 61 vallejo. 60 in san rafael and 60 your forecasted high in san francisco. once again remaining dry here in the bay area wednesday, thursday, now we are going to leave this slight chance of rain here on friday. looks like it's mainly staying in the north bay. north of the golden gate, otherwise remaining dry partly to mostly cloudy saturday, sunday and on to next week, as well. here's your traffic with gianna. >> it came and went quickly this accident in the south bay so. it's good news to report located on southbound 17 near 280/880 interchange. looks like they wrapped this up quickly and traffic is moving along green in both directions through there. no delays through downtown san
5:36 am
jose northbound 280. also problem-free this morning. we are dealing with a water main break in san leandro, williams street at leonard drive. about three feet of water reported in the area. lots of crews on scene trying to clear it. you might see the intersection blocked. a.c. transit might be affected. gil diaz will have a live report from the area in a few minutes. the rest of mass transit on time. back to you. >> thank you. it is a peek into one of the most private countries in the world. people lined up by the thousands in north korea's capital to pay final respects to the communist country's long- time ruler and as duarte geraldino reports this change in leadership is providing hope for better relations with the country. >> reporter: tens of thousands of north koreans lined the streets of pyongyang to say a final good-bye to kim jong-il. [ wailing ] >> reporter: sobbing uncontrollably they waited in the snow for a glimpse of their dear leader's casket.
5:37 am
at one point state tv showed mourners falling to their knees and soldiers pushing back crowds to keep the path clear. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: kim, who ruled the nation with an iron fist, died earlier this month of a heart attack. his youngest son kim jong-un led the elaborate funeral procession. as a giant military orchestra kicked in, the younger kim saluted his father. it's only been days since kim's death and his son is already being hailed as north korea's next ruler with titles like supreme leader and great successor. washington is taking note. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: some analysts believe the transition could mark a turning point for the communist country and its relationship with the rest of the world. >> it may very well be a moment of opportunity for north korea. on the other hand, they are a nuclear power and they have tested this nuclear power. >> for now, north korea's focus on grieving the loss of its leader today's funeral after more than a week of mourning and like much of kim's life it had been shrouded in mystery.
5:38 am
in washington, guard geraldine no, cbs 5. halfway around the world former egyptian president hosni mubarak arrived by helicopter and ambulance as his trial resumed today in cairo. the 83-year-old mubarak is charged with complicity in the kills of more than 800 protestors earlier this year. he could get the death penalty if convicted. today's session lasted only a few hours. mubarak returns to court next monday. federal officials are investigating a plane crash in concord that injured two people. emergency crews pulling the pilot and passenger out of the single-engine plane that took off interest buchanan yesterday afternoon. one person described as having minor injuries. the other as having major injuries. the pilot declared an emergency immediately after take-off and tried to make it back to the airplane before crashing. some scary moments for passengers on a southwest flight. the plane had to abort after two tires blew out around 6:15 also night.
5:39 am
southwest says firefighters were called in to hose down the 737 just as a precaution. 130 people on board. nobody hurt. certainly had a story to tell when they got up to seattle. sorry we're late. crazy. >> some of the passengers heard the pop. how scary it is when you lose a tire on a car, but on a plane? >> i have been on a plane when a tire goes out and it sounds like a shotgun going off. the plane is going bump, bump, bump. they handle themselves pretty well but i'm sure they were scared. >> good thing they didn't take off. 5:39. new hurdle for the as moving. how the giants are putting up a fight. >> so our campaign is going to stay positive. i am not going to go negative period. >> that didn't last long!! the attacks heat up in the gop presidential race. the candidate comparing his rival to and i love lucy episode. we'll explain.
5:40 am
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5:42 am
republicans caucus... and put ason good morning. overcast skies we're expecting today but no rain for right now. so yeah, temperatures slightly more mild if you are stepping out the door. if you do have to work today temperatures in the upper 30s to looks like even mid to even upper 40s across some parts at the coast so very cloudy right now. but again, we went have to deal with fog that we have been seeing the past couple of days so later on this afternoon, not much clearing. we are not going to see as much sunshine as yesterday. but the temperatures are going to be slightly milder. clouds are keeping a blanket over the bay area keeping temperatures -- a lot of 60s especially across the bay and inland. so this high pressure system is continuing to move farther south and we have this upper- level low bringing us low and high clouds. the rain showers bringing a few of them to the pacific northwest areas of washington, oregon, but the bay area we are going to remain dry and it looks like we are going to be that way for the next couple of days. so your pinpoint forecast across northern california,
5:43 am
again you can see if you are doing any traveling, eureka, redding, ukiah, they are getting rain. yosemite partly to mostly sunny skies. temperatures closer to home, 61 in oakland, 60 in napa. 62 one of our warmer spots in santa rosa. 61 your forecast high in redwood city. so yesterday, if you were watching us, we saw a lot of upper 50s. today we are seeing low 60s so slightly milder. temperatures are a little above average. wednesday and thursday clouds rolling in but we'll see peeks of sunshine especially thursday. slight chance of rain on friday. looks like it's mainly staying north of the golden gate. mostly sunny skies across the bay and coast. new year's eve if you have any outdoor plans, everything should be on the dry side. temperatures relatively mild though for this time of year. and continues that way out to monday and tuesday.
5:44 am
happy new year 2012, once again partly cloudy skies overnight. temperatures mostly in the upper 30s to low 50s. we'll have more weather coming up. in the meantime, hit the roadways, here's gianna. >> we have been monitoring a water main break in san leandro on surface streets located at williams street and leonard drive. we got word that at least three feet high for the water in that area. still coming out of the ground there. crews are on scene. may affect a.c. transit there. not too far from john muir junior high school. so avoid the intersection if you can. lots of activity on scene there. we'll have a live picture from the scene in a few minutes. 880 not too bad, and the rest of mass transit on time. bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries no delays to report through there this morning. hears a leave look at 880 -- here's a live look at 880 oakland into the maze. a few cars are on the road, southbound through hayward, things cruising along, 15 minutes from 238 to the maze. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, cars in the cash
5:45 am
lanes, but overall still light no metering lights. clear across the upper deck me san francisco. once you get on the lower deck out of san francisco into oakland, just a heads up. we have some roadwork scheduled for today until 2 p.m. we have video from the water main break. this is in san leandro at williams and leonard. you can see the water coming out of the ground there. again, they do have activity there on the scene. crews are trying to wrap this up and mop up the mess there. no word yet as to when this intersection will be reopened. not too far from john muir junior high school. school is out of session so hopefully not a lot of traffic in the area. a.c. transit may be affected as a result. so avoid the area if you can, san leandro near leonard and williams. so a wet mess through there. back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:45. just six days to go before iowa republicans caucus and put the presidential elections season into full swing.
5:46 am
most of the candidates making a big final week push in the hawkeye state. one of the front-runners, newt gingrich, suddenly a major source of controversy and criticism. yesterday, he told cnn that ron paul's views are "totally outside the main street of virtually every decent american." about his failure it qualify for the ballot in virginia he compared it to pearl harbor. rival mitt romney compared it it a classic tv moment. >> it's more like lucille ball at the chocolate factory. [ laughter ] >> gingrich is not the only candidate with troubles in virginia. rick perry's presidential campaigned announced a lawsuit challenging ballot rules in virginia. it comes after perry's campaign failed to turn in the 10,000 valid signatures to qualify for the state's republican primary ballot. only mitt romney and ron paul have qualified for the republican ballot in virginia. oakland police are trying to find an attempted kidnapping suspect. this incident was reported
5:47 am
around 12:30 monday afternoon on arrowhead drive. investigators say that the man used candy in an attempt to lure a 9-year-old boy into his car. the boy refused and then escaped despite the fact that the man grabbed his arm. the suspect is described as a man in his 30s, 5'6" with short hair and light mustache. a water main break in walnut creek caused some flooding and damage to businesses there. it all started yesterday morning as east bay m.u.d. workers were doing some routine maintenance. a 6" water main valve broke at south main street and oakland boulevard. some businesses were without water all day and nearby shops suffered water damage. the break was capped last night around 7:30. baseball owners apparently will not talk about changing territorial rights in the bay area when they moot in arizona next month. a lot of people thought they would when they meet next month in arizona. there's been talk that the as might be allowed to move to the south bay which is currently designated as san francisco
5:48 am
giants territory. the "chronicle" reports former giants managing partner peter mcgowan says it is wishful thinking for the as and doesn't think they will be allowed to move. here's a story that shows even a scam can lead to something good. the silicon valley chapter of the bluestar moms lost $3,000 in the atm and credit card skimming scam that targeted lucky supermarkets. but since then the group received $11,000 in donations. easily making it up. 5:48 now. burglar alarms in san jose will be falling on deaf ears soon. beginning next month, the san jose police department says they will stop responding to residential and commercial alarms saying more than 98% of alarm related calls are false alerts. however they will respond if it can be verified that an intruder will be present. some worry it will be dangerous. >> if i have a neighbor walking over to one of my clients' homes checking the alarm and
5:49 am
it's ringing and who runs out the back door, an intruder, that's a very dangerous situation. >> the department hopes to save more than $650,000 by not responding to all those false alarms. they say that they had more than 12,000 calls in 2010 and only two led to arrests. so unless there's something really big happening, they are not coming. >> sad to see. there are? >> a california kid gives macaulay culkin a run for his money. how he spoiled a burglary while he was home alone. >> hard to believe in a guy is 30 now. >> an incredible video of a police call crashes into a restaurant. why it could have been a explosives situation. coming up.
5:50 am
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amazed nobody was killed when a police car crashed into the good morning. we're following a developing story in san leandro. a water main break is causing a mess at the intersection of williams and leonard. you can see in this video we took moments ago, lots of crews on scene trying to mop up this mess. at a certain point, though, our reporter gil diaz says the water was three feet high spewing out of the ground. so may be there quite some time. the intersection is close williams and leonard near john muir junior high school. a.c. transit may be affected as a result. again, kids aren't in school right now so hopefully the intersection won't be too traveled this morning. we'll continue to keep you updated. the rest of the bay area problem-free, no delays -- slight delays actually at the bay bridge toll plaza. witnesses are amazed that no one was killed when a police car crashed into the patio of a crowded restaurant in new mexico. the officer was rushing to a call with lights and sirens on blaring when another driver hit
5:53 am
his car, sending it flying into the restaurant. the scariest part might have been there were propane tanks nearby. a quick-thinking witness pulled a fire pit off the patio and away from the tanks. >> wow. three intruders in southern california found themselves in a situation similar to a scene in the movie "home alone." a 12-year-old boy was inside a home in fullerton and he had a fenne -- phone. he called 911 and stayed on the line as officers raced to the house as three intruders came into the house. >> i saw two men in the backyard trying to breakthrough our door. i heard this huge noise like metal hitting against metal. >> the intruders tried to get away as police arrived but they crashed in a fire hydrant. the two suspects ran away. a 23-year-old man is under arrest. >> smart kid. broadway love story that started here in san francisco
5:54 am
more than 70 years ago has ended. carol channing's husband, harry kullijian died. a family spokesman says he suffered an aneurysm while at their home in rancho mirage last night. the couple say the down for an interview with cbs 5 a few years ago. kullijian's first dated carol channing for a few years while they were students in middle school here in san francisco. they both married other people. but later in life, they reunited in 2003 after channing left her third husband. kullijian would have celebrated his 92nd birthday today. the library of congress had selected a new batch of films to be included among the nation's treasures in the world's largest archive of film, tv and sound recordings. forrest gump, bambi and silence of the lambs, quite a cross- section, will all be added. silence of the lambs. >> and bambi. >> go figure. they were announced yesterday fortunate film registry which
5:55 am
spans from the years of 1912 to 1994. >> hello, clarice. [ laughter ] >> some fava beans and fine chianti... better luck next time to all your megamillion players. i'm bummed out about this. >> we're bummed because we played too. there is only one winning ticket for last night's $206 million pot. it's across 41 states. the winning ticket was not purchased in california. it was on long island. so the jackpot for friday's drawing is back down to just $12 million. so you want the winning numbers? there you go: ab your forecast. >> there you go. some meatpackers in indiana usually win but not this time around. somebody in long island. >> had we known yesterday that the meganumber was 8 we could have scored big, frank. >> we just had today's paper yesterday we would be filthy rich right now. >> elizabeth played, too. >> yeah. we all played. we all put our dollar in, $3
5:56 am
total. big spenders. >> a dollar each. we all said if we weren't here today -- we were going to walk out. had we done we would have done the morning news and see you later. >> really? i'm not sure i would have shown up. [ laughter ] >> your final weather? your final traffic? >> my final weather, traffic, yeah. lawrence is off today. he did not win. he is working later tonight. he is filling in for roberta for the evening shows. but yeah, on the weather front here's a look at your satellite and radar. you can see it's active this morning. a lot of green out there. now, we have a low pressure system bringing some rain to parts of the pacific northwest. unfortunately, it's not the bay area. we obviously need the rain. what's bringing us is a lot of low and high clouds so it looks like we're in a clearing right now through san francisco and parts of the bay area. we're going to see overcast afternoon. temperatures going to be mostly in the 60s. these will be a few degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. but slightly above average for this time of year. and we are remaining dry for the next couple of days. but we are leaving that chance of rain in the north bay just
5:57 am
for friday. that is your weather. back to you guys. >> i know you wanted to win elizabeth. we're glad you're still here. [ laughter ] >> she could have won, too, and stayed. >> yeah, but she wasn't going to. [ laughter ] 5:57. coming up a pit bull shot by deputies on a bay area golf course. why they were forced to kill. >> a tearful salute to north korea's dictator. how tens of thousands paid tribute to kim jong-il when we come back. and another "occupy oakland" encampment rises. this morning, we talk to some of the guys inside. we'll tell you from their perspective the positives an negatives of their new location, coming up. a water main break is happening right now in the east bay. we'll tell you exactly where it's happening and how many families are affected by this. those details coming up.
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